2010 passport cover by Tucson Arizona Immigration Attorney LawyerJohn Messing2010 passport by Tucson Arizona Immigration Attorney Lawyer John Messing

This passport booklet contains a computer chip with all the personal information contained on it. It was first introduced in 2010.

A passport is evidence of citizenship. To learn about how to qualify for citizenship, click here.

A United States Passport is proof of U.S. citizenship for purposes of international travel. It is also one of the best methods of proving status as an American citizen, at home or abroad.

It can also be an ideal way to establish transmission of U.S. citizenship to foreign-born children and grandchildren. The rules are complex and depend upon the law in effect at the time of birth. Application can be made either to USCIS for a certificate of citizenship from abroad or within the U.S., or alternatively by application for a U.S. passport. Many believe the latter is a much faster and less expensive method.

U.S. citizen parents can register the birth of a child to them abroad at a U.S. Consulate and can seek a passport as proof of citizenship. Very specific rules apply to a foreign born child with only one U.S. citizen parent. A very important requirement is a period of residency within the U.S. by the one U.S. parent for a specified number of years before the birth of the child. Being able to prove residency in a community in the United States through facts that sometimes occurred long ago can be very challenging, and certain types of proof are preferred over others. One way is to request and obtain a record of Social Security earnings; another is to show filing of taxes; another, registration to vote; yet another is school records.

Naturalized citizens can apply for a U.S. passport after receiving a certificate of naturalization.

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With regard to employment verification, which requires employers to obtain proof of a new hire's eligibility even for citizens, an unexpired passport establishes that the holder is eligible for employment in the United States. An expired passport, as of February 2, 2009, no longer is considered valid as employment authorization.

2010 passport card by Tucson Arizona Attorney Lawyer John Messing2010 passport card back by Tucson Arizona Attorney Lawyer John Messing

The Passport card was first introduced in 2008

It enables easy portability and is used to enter from Mexico, Canada, and certain Carribean countries.

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